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ISBN: 9781442155251
April 22, 2009
Hearts on Fire Books
Print/ Ebook
$18.99-Print/ $5.99-Ebook
368 Pages
Fiction; Mystery & Detective/ General
Rating: 5 Cups

Susan Anderson has a typical life as a naval officer's wife. Raising two kids, one of which who is a very hormonal teenage boy, and a little girl who wants to be a princess, Susan's life consists of running them around and waiting for the day when her husband Bill gets home from deployment.

Judith Reynolds is one of many aliases for Elena, a woman who was called to help Iosef as he is getting ready to begin the first recovery mission. Soon it is apparent when he cannot even get a phone call right that this man is an idiot and he should not be the leader of their elite two person team.

After receiving a very strange phone call, Susan finds herself analyzing everyday situations with a voice in her head that was not there when she woke up that morning. When a strange man approaches her, she finds herself running for her life and trying to stay one step ahead of those who want her dead. At its pinnacle, the chase suddenly takes a dramatic turn when Susan's kids are threatened with death. Now she must channel the voice inside her head and delve into her past, a past that Susan did not even know she had even as the game of cat and mouse gets deadlier by the second.

As a debut author, Mr. Pennington brings an astounding and action packed novel to the forefront of the mystery genre. Zhena is about a secret group of women who were trained in Russia for a covert operation, one that spans more than twenty years. With thrilling turns, suspenseful clues, hidden agendas, and characters who may end up turning on Susan, this book has you guessing as to what exactly is going on until the very end. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this spy book that will have any reader on the edge of their seat. Hold on to your hats because once you get started, this tale of intrigue and suspense will have you on the ride of your life and with a cliffhanger of an ending, you can bet you will be begging for more!

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