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ISBN- 9780425229996
November 2009
Heat, a division of the Berkley Publishing Group, Inc.
Trade Paperback
$15.00 US/ $18.50 CAN
326 pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 cups

The Girlfriend Experience

Marianna Whitney is a girl in trouble. She is unhappy in her job and living outside of her budget. Her father says he will give her no more money. Lucky for Marianna, her friend, Jewel, has a solution to the problem.

Chase Ramirez is a widower. His wife committed suicide, leaving him with guilt. His daughter, Krista, and his friend, Harve, believe Chase needs to get out with a woman.

Jewel’s answer to Marianna’s problem is to become a Courtesan. Not only will Marianna be able to afford the nicer things in life, her sexual fantasies can be fulfilled, too. Chase simply wants the “girlfriend experience”, he never intended on falling for Marianna and her wicked ways. Marianna would never have imagined finding her Prince Charming while working for this company.

This is a steamy bit of romance. The fantasy of being a Courtesan is a spicy one. Marianna is a likeable character, but I could not feel sorry for her and her money woes. Chase is in dire need of a good time. My heart aches for the loss he and his daughter experienced.


Dominique Lowe is a forty-five-year-old divorcee with an axe to grind. Her husband left her for a younger woman and Dominique wants to prove she still has what it takes.

Gabriel Price is a wealthy man. He is also very determined to show Dominique what she is missing.

Dominique likes being in control. As a Courtesan, she gets to choose the men she dates and has sex with. Until the one night, she meets Gabriel. The one night she is taken off guard by her ex-husband and his new young pregnant wife. Gabriel wants to prove to Dominique that money does not give her value; it is who she is inside.

For me, Dominique is a very relatable character. Finding her self-worth at an age where most women are becoming settled in their relationships, Dominique is exploring sides of herself she never knew existed. Gabriel is the perfect hero.

Triple Play

Noelle St. James is a forty-year-old woman whose sexual appetites have pushed away three husbands. Becoming a Courtesan has given her the ability to indulge her appetites.

Dax Deacon learned at an early age that he liked to watch women have sex, either alone or with a partner – or two. His voyeuristic tendencies make relationships difficult.

Noelle wants to spice things up a little bit, but she is unsure how to do that. Fortunately for Noelle, her Courtesan boss knows exactly what she needs. Dax appreciates Noelle’s insatiable sexual appetite and her willingness to do what it takes for him to feel fulfilled. Could a little kink bring two people together?

This one is a little kinkier than the previous two, but it is just another element to what makes a Courtesan tick. I love the way Noelle is so sure of herself, yet once Dax comes along, she loses a little surety.

Each one of these tales is different, but they are all linked by Courtesans. It is perfect proof of how what works for one woman does not mean it works for another. The individual women are so likable. The men are handsome and desirable. Combine the two things together and you get an electrically charged story. Ms. Haynes knows what works when it comes to erotic romance. This is another book you should consider adding to your collection.

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