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ISBN: 9780061706486
September 2010
Avon, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers
$7.99-USA/ 10.99-CAN
384 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

As an infant, Angelique Martand was secreted out of her home and away from her country by a faithful servant. Raised to hate those who have done her wrong, when she reached the age of eighteen she began a life of spying.

Nate Avery is from Boston and is in London for one reason and one reason only. He is there to catch the man responsible for stealing a ton of money and ruining a good man’s name.

Nate is suspicious of Angelique’s part in finding Jacob Dixon, but his attraction to her makes it hard not to trust her. What he does not realize is that she is not only a very good spy, she is an assassin and her job is simple; to eliminate Jacob before Nate has a chance to take him back to New York. As they continue to work together toward their own goals, secrets will be revealed that change the outcome of their mission. But it may mean that one of them must lose their life in order to make sure justice is dealt.

What an interesting and twisted novel this was. The intricacies of spying, lying, and hidden agendas was ripe throughout You Only Love Once. I found the way Ms. Linden uses a man’s thought process towards how they perceive women to be the more delicate and weaker sex very intriguing, especially when Angelique manipulates it to help her own agenda. I think Prince’s character was great as well and I hope to see him in a future tale. This is a well told story that keeps the adventure and mystery rolling.

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