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Dreg City Series

Book 1- Three Days to Dead
Book 2 - As Lie the Dead
Book 3: Another Kind of Dead
Book 4: Wrong Side of Dead

Dreg City, Book 4
ISBN: 978-0345525796
31 January 2012
Bantam Dell Books/Random House
$7.99 US / $9.99 CAN
368 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Evy Stone has died again and has come back again and is hoping not to go through it again. She has fire and drive with enough determination to bring down the man who tortures her and wreaks havoc on mankind.

Many different species are trying to work together: humans, vampires, and the fey are just a few of them. Sometimes allies can become enemies, in which case one should be emotionally involved.

Chaos once again has surfaced in Evy’s life. With trouble and lives lost, she wonders if she can come out of it alive or if she will die another death. Can she and a motley crew do what needs to be done to save and protect their different species? Or will this really be the end?

Wow! Who would have thought there are so many different types of species living amongst the human race? Everything—from trolls and goblins to birds and wolves that can shape-shift—in this very entertaining book, where so much happens, keeps you hooked to discover the next surprise around the corner. It is more than one person’s story. It is a whole troop of intermingling stories, every character dealing with their own issues, trying to adapt and solve their dilemmas. As this is part of a series, I would recommend reading them in order as I sometimes felt a bit lost having not read the earlier books. Overall, I enjoyed the world that Ms. Medling has invented.

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