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Family Heirloom Series

Book 1: Baby, Baby
Book 2: Shadow Boxing
Book 3: Foolish Games
Book 4: Glass Angels
Book 5: Shards of Ashley
Book 6: Worlds Collide

Family Heirloom Series, Book 6
ISBN#: 9781611600193/9781611600186
March 2012
Whiskey Creek Press
Trade Paperback/E Book
226 pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Forty-year-old Dr. Marcus Samuels has been a medical missionary in Japan for 12 years. He speaks flawless Japanese. For five years, he has quietly and respectfully been in love with his co-worker, 33-year-old Keiko, a petite “china doll” of a woman who makes him feel like Gulliver in the land of small-boned people.

Keiko is betrothed to a rich, influential porn king since she agreed to the arranged marriage at age 11. Now 22 years later, she regrets the agreement, but feels obligated to her family and fearful of her father. She has converted to Christianity; her brother has also, but is not as committed as she and will not tell his traditional Japanese family. Keiko is attracted to Marc a.k.a. Marcus. She travels with him to the States on his infrequent trips home and has become an American citizen. Although, Marc’s family live in Wisconsin, she follows through on her citizenship from Chicago, Illinois, where she and Marc had met when she was an exchange student.

Marc could have resigned his position in Japan after a few years, but he stayed to be near Keiko. He eventually decides to come back to the USA. Keiko arranges to be on the plane. When they arrive, Marc’s father who had mentioned his wife’s angina attack over the phone, admits that Marc’s mother is in the hospital awaiting heart surgery. The six siblings gather in Christian prayer and love, accepting Keiko, who they and their mother know from having exchanged letters. The mother sees they are in love before even they are fully aware of it.

This is a sweet ungrounded story with no defined timeframe. It could have taken place in the sixties or the nineties. Although there is stress and tension once the couple decides to marry, defying Japanese tradition and the commitment Keiko has made to the porn king, the conflict that drives most plots is missing. Instead, it focuses on the family’s Christian faith rather than their human nature. I found the plot unbelievable in today’s world. This book will appeal to Christians who have never left home.

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