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A Midnight Howl Novel
ISBN #978-1-60435-735-5
July 2010
Red Rose Publishing
328 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Marisol is a potter and the daughter of two veterinarians. Her mother died when she was quite young and she has led a very sheltered life. Her father was recently murdered and she is very much alone in the world except for the wolf she feeds.

Callum is a wolf shapeshifter and member of the Midnight Howl, a clan dedicated to protecting innocent humans from the Blood Robbers. He is on the last of his five lives and fears becoming a Cancer; a mindless, soulless killing machine.

Callum has been grievously wounded by Atos’ of the Blood Robbers magical sword. It is one of only two swords that can kill immortals. His only hope is a poultice made by the local vet and his daughter. The vet was recently murdered by the Blood Robbers and Callum hopes that Marisol has some of the poultice left. Marisol is also the owner of the other magical sword, but a human. Atos is determined to own both and the beautiful potter is in danger, especially if something happens to Callum, who has been hanging around her place in wolf form.

I enjoyed this interesting take on the werewolf romance. Blood drinking evil wolves are infinitely scarier than the usual kind. I liked how she portrayed each side fairly, the Midnight Howl is not all good and the Blood Robbers are not all evil. I even kind of liked Atos and his lover. The characters just about leap off the page, and the plot is very exciting, but the real focus and best part is the love story between the wolf and the human. This looks to be an interesting series.

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