Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN# 9781432793570
12 July 2013
Self-published though Outskirts Press
370 Pages
Fantasy Romance Suspense
Rating: 2 Cups

After her parents’ divorce, Lila Crain is forced to move from her city life to a boring small town called Shade. At first, she wants to return home, though knowing that she is stuck there with her mom. Luckily, after the popular clique wants her to join their dance troupe, what she wants changes. Now she wants to be one of them, and she wants Sky.

Sky is tall, handsome and a werewolf. Although he looks like a young adult, he has actually been a werewolf for forty years. When Lila moves to town, he is drawn to her, but must keep his distance. Eventually, he and Lila cannot fight their mutual feelings any longer.

From the first day of Lila’s arrival, mysteries have been unfolding at every turn. As her life takes some unexpected twists, she becomes immersed in a life of supernatural creatures, destined hunters and unrequited love.

I like the story’s premise and truly enjoy the Greek myths used to explain the creation of werewolves. The plot is fairly solid, but I have difficulties connecting with some of the characters. The writing is a bit choppy and tends to change abruptly from one scene to the next, leaving the reader a bit confused and rereading to ensure they do not miss something. Also, some areas of the story can use a little more showing, not telling. That said, the overall story is interesting, and the plot is all right.

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