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Book one Eternal Blood Series
ISBN #: 9781452485843
May 2010
Moonlight’s Edge
50 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Audrey is the daughter of a well known and very wealthy historian. She is very attractive, and her trust fund ensures that she has no need to work. She used to live in London but the end of a romantic relationship sent her home to the family estate.

Jonathan is a veteran of Afghanistan. He is very handsome and mysterious and very interested in Audrey.

Audrey’s mother disappeared when she was very young and was never heard from again. She has lived happily for the most part with her historian father on the family estate, but has always missed Wilona. A neighbor has just returned from Afghanistan. He is handsome and mysterious, and he and Audrey are very attracted to each other. Wilona chooses this time to make contact with Audrey and asks her to keep it a secret. The man who gives her the message is compelling, mysterious, and vaguely frightening.

This is an interesting story that has some very good elements. I know that it is the introduction to a series, but it took forever for the story to really take off. I liked Audrey’s character, but she is a little too fond of internal dialogue, and very rarely actually says much to the point. The two male main characters are very interesting and mysterious. The story ends with a cliff hanger, so hopefully things resolve themselves in the next installment.

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