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Brotherhood of Blood

Book 1: One & Only
Book 2: Rare Vintage
Book 3: Phantom Desires
Book 4: Sweeter Than Wine
Book 5: Forever Valentine
Book 6: Caught by Cupid
Book 7: Wolf Hills
Book 8: Wolf Quest

Brotherhood of Blood, Book 8
ISBN# 9781619220874
January 28 2014
Samhain Publishing
202 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Maria Garibaldi leads a quiet life, or as quiet as it can be running an exotic animal shelter singlehandedly. She has always loved working with animals and living in the countryside near woodlands. Her aunt and grandmother insist it is due to her magic, but she never believed it.

Jess is supposed to be on a rescue mission, but his target does not need his help, or at least not with the men trying to kidnap her. Having spent most of his life as a guardian for his pack and as an army major, Jess appreciates Maria's ability to defend herself. He is just not sure how she is going to take being told she is really a dryad.

When men break into her home, things start to go wrong for Maria. When a second team of men break in, her whole life is turned upside down. Finding out one of her charges is really a teenage bear-shifter, and her own heritage is part tree-dryad, leads Marie and Jess on a wild ride of the newly mated, while on a rescue mission with a sick teenager in tow.

Ms. D'Arc has brought us another installment of the Forces of Light's battle against evil Venifucus in extravagant style. Maria is an amazing character who adapts to every new situation she is thrown into, even finding her mate. I would highly recommend reading the earlier books. Not as a necessity to understanding Wolf Quest, it stands alone perfectly, but I would hate to miss an opportunity to read any of Ms. D'Arc's books.

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