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ISBN #9781771010184
December 2011
Breathless Press
44 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Luz Dryden is a shapeshifter, but she has never been able to shift. She is a strong and capable woman, but cannot live with her pack. It was terrible to split from her true love, but she just does not fit in his world since he can shift and she cannot.

Kalyx Hunter is a member of the ruling family of the pack and for years he could not shift. The bright spot is his love for Luz. That is, until he suddenly was able to shift and his family separated him from her. He is a strong wolf but not quite stable.

Luz dreads returning home for her sister’s wedding. She loves her family, but feels inadequate among wolves that can shift. They ridiculed her throughout her childhood and once her love, Kalyx, was able to shift, she had no one outside her family. She has made a successful life for herself outside the pack, but misses Kalyx terribly. She both anticipates and dreads seeing him again.

Kalyx and Luz are strong characters with some serious issues, besides their Romeo and Juliet type romance. Kalyx is a late bloomer in shifting which makes him more unstable than the average wolf. Luz does not shift at all and has been an outcast among her own kind for her whole life. Coming home is not easy and seeing Kalyx again is harder, but the author does a masterful job of telling their story and filling the reader in on all of the details. The plot has plenty of drama and suspense and a wonderful love story. Fans of the werewolf romance genre will find nothing to complain of in this well-written story.

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