ISBN:  1-59088-313-6
Wings ePress
URL: www.wingsepress.com
Publish Date:  July 2004
Classification:  Paranormal Romance
Number of Pages:  249

In the pouring rain, Karyn Morgan was driving her son to a friend’s house for dinner
when she lost control and crashed off the side of a mountain.  Her 2 year old son, Sam
was killed in the crash.   Karyn and her husband, Dr.  Jace Morgan, did not handle the
death of their only son well and grow estranged.  Jace becomes engulfed in his pain
and turns to alcohol.  Karyn spends her days by her son’s grave alone.  Sam’s death
began a cycle of pain and loneliness that neither of them knew how to escape.  

Six months after the car crash, Karyn asks Jace for a separation as a prelude to a
divorce.  Jace has accused her of killing their son due to driving too fast in the storm,
and that is the straw that broke the camel’s back.  As far as Karyn is concerned, Sam’s
death ended her marriage. The problem is that Jace still loves his wife and doesn’t
want to lose her also.  

While living alone, Karyn begins to hear and see strange things in the house.  She
sees her son lying in his bed at night.  Karyn also begins to receive visits from her
grandmother, Jolene.  Jolene has been deceased for a long time.  She tells Karyn that
she’s been sent by Sam to save his parent’s marriage.   They still love each other but
both are so stubborn and hurt.  Not to mention the fact that Karyn is keeping an
unbelievable secret from Jace that might make the situation so much worse.

With Love, From Sam is interesting and entertaining.  There are a few editing issues
but is smoothly written.  I found the characters real, loveable, funny, and infuriating.  
People you might find anywhere and everyday.  I didn’t see that much romance here
though.  It kind of felt like Karyn and Jace were just bumbling along, it’s a marvel
that they ever got together in the first place.  But, I was captivated to see if true love
would prevail.  I really did enjoy  With Love, From Sam and recommend it as a nice
read.  Definitely put this on your TBR list!

Joy Spear
Reviewer For Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer For Coffee Time Romance