Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 9781604351262
February 2008
Red Rose Publishing
136 Pages
Interracial Romance/ Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

Dr. Jason Tuck took over for his father at the Roseport Clinic after his dad left for health reasons. On a rainy night six months ago, he ran into his dream woman.

Rayne Doe wishes she could remember anything about her life before the accident that took her memory. With her feelings toward her doctor turning from thanks to love, she does not want to act on them because of her mysterious past.

Jason knows that he should not act upon the attraction he feels for Rayne. For all he knows, she may be married and have a houseful of children. While he is in a relationship with Lisa, his selfish girlfriend, he has been trying to break it off. With his love for Rayne leading his emotions, Jason finally breaks up with Lisa, only to have someone from Rayne’s past come forward to claim her.

With All My Heart was beautifully written by Ms. Rochelle. I could not imagine a life where I wanted to love someone but my amnesia was holding me back. The way both Jason and Rayne struggle with their feelings for each other was heartbreaking and emotional. I only wish the ending was not so abrupt. With a witch of a villain, a beautiful heroine, and a very handsome doctor, this is a great tale to read.

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