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A Cypress Hollow Yarn Series

Book 1: How to Knit a Love Song
Book 2: How to Knit a Heart Back Home
Book 3: Wishes and Stitches

A Cypress Hollow Yarn, Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-06-184132-3
October 11, 2011
William Morrow
Trade Paperback
376 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

The move to Cypress Hollow was the beginning of a vision for Dr. Naomi Fontaine. She would get to be the kind of doctor she always dreamed of, and in a place where she could put down roots and make friends.

Coming home to be with his family feels like heaven for Dr. Rig Keller. He loved the excitement and adrenaline rush of working the oil rigs, but family is where his heart is.

Her unbelievably sexy one-night stand in a city hours away from Cypress Hollow has just walked into Naomi’s quiet little life, and she is not sure whether it is a dream or a nightmare. She came here to build a practice her father would be proud of, not fall head long for a sexy as sin cowboy doctor. Rig has no aspirations of following in his father and brother’s footsteps when it comes to love, because the pain of losing that has nearly killed them both. But with Naomi he is feeling something that has his heart and head in complete chaos, and he has no idea how to stop it.

Cypress Hollow and the legacy of Eliza Carpenter are at it again, and each story is as amazing as the next. You cannot understand the dynamics of a small town unless you have lived in one, and Ms. Herron hits the nail on the head every time. There are no strangers in a town like this, and very few secrets that will not eventually get out, but there is always someone willing to lend a helping hand. It might take some getting used to, like poor Naomi is discovering, but like Rig says, a friendly hello goes a long way.

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