May 2004
ISBN: Not Assigned
Terri Pray Books         
Wicked Castle
Erotic Mystery
47 Pages

Terri Pray’s latest romance WINTER’S SWEET KISS is a shocking look at dominance
and submission with a good suspense as the background.    

Newspaper publisher Danielle has taught herself to do anything to get a story.  While
investigation a series of mysterious deaths, she winds up trying to prove she can
handle a bondage lifestyle; and gets spanked butt naked by her childhood friend, Jack,
a reporter employed at her paper.  

Ms. Pray does an excellent job of letting people identify with Danielle who has
inherited the paper from a father who made her feel inadequate. All of Danielle’s past
relationships have been with men who liked her for what she could provide to their
careers.  This is not the case with Jack, who is the kind of man who knows he is a
dominant, but is willing to open himself to Danielle.  He wants a relationship with
Danielle.  He works to help her be what he needs and what he hopes she wants to be.  
It was wonderful to watch Danielle make life altering decisions based on her desires,
not those of the men around her, while never completely shutting out Jack.  

WINTER’S SWEET KISS is not for the faint of heart.  This is an up-front novel about
those who choose a dominance/submission lifestyle. The dialogue is good and help
readers follow the subplots of jealousy and murder.  All background characters remain
subdued and give the story good depth while the main focus remains Danielle and
Jack. This is a really good book, especially for anyone who likes spankings and
dominant men; for them WINTER’S SWEET KISS is a definite keeper.  

Anya Khan
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance