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Winning Virgin Series
Book 1 - Winning Virgin Blood
Book 2 - Winning Virgin Love
Book 3 - Winning Virgin Lust
Book 4- Winning Virgin Promises
Book 5 - Winning Virgin Devotion

Winning Virgin Series Book 5
ISBN: 1-60601-937-6
August 2010
Siren Publishing
302 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

The fact that she is a very lucky vamp is not lost on Constance Spenser-Sabbat, but that does not stop her from wanting more. Her years of being joined with three of the most powerful brothers in vampire history are nearing an impasse, and she is very unsure what the future will hold for any of them.

Nearly eighteen years of lies are coming to a head, and the eldest, Darian Sabbat, is infuriated to find out that everyone, including his brothers, is in on the deception. Gabriel and Sebastian Sabbat have very different opinions on how to reveal the truth to Darian, but in the end it all comes down to Constance.

Throughout the years the one constant in her heart has always been Gabriel, and as much as Constance loves Sebastian, and yes, even Darian, there has always been something different about Gabriel. Darian’s fury is out of control when he realizes the extent of Constance’s deception, and it is finally time to take her out of his equation, but can he allow himself to let someone else in? Sebastian has known for a long time that he is meant for something else, and his dreams are confirming that, but he will stay as long as Constance is in danger. Constance has no idea just how far her lusty nature is about to implode their whole world, and it will be up to Gabriel if she is to survive the consequences of her actions.

If you could have three beautifully sculpted male vamps to appease every conceivable fantasy, could you possibly want more? Well, if you are Constance, the answer would be, yes. This woman turns salaciousness into an art form, and no matter how many times she gets hurt or hurts others, her actions never change. There is so much yet to learn about each member in this ever-changing cast of characters, I cannot imagine missing the next installment.

Caution: This book contains m/m, m/f/m, and m/f erotic scenes.

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