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ISBN# 978-1-60054-383-8
September 2009
Love You Divine Alterotica
35 pages
m/m/m fantasy
Rating 4 cups

Triann has never recovered from the loss of his mate. Caught on the boats leaving Atlantis, Garith failed to make it to safety and ended trapped in the mortal world. When, after countless years of searching, Triann finally finds Garith little more than a voice on the wind, he knows he must go to the human world and save his love.

Garith does not remember much about his life except the sorrow until he hears a voice-- a voice he knows and loves. Can he remember enough to make it back to life and the body the gods have promised Triann he can have if love can cross even the divide of death?

When Triann arrives in the human world, the first person he finds is a man who loves Garith as much as he does. Tony tried to keep Garith with him but knew even the tattoo he got to mate with Garith was not enough. Triann and Tony work together to find Garith, all the time building a love for each other. Can they make a relationship work for all of them?

True love beats death in this tale of immortal true love. Garith is lost but still a commanding character, and both Triann and Tony are devoted to him and soon to each other. Jamie Samms has written an endearing story that not only makes you hot under the collar, but makes you hungry for this level of true life mates.

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