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Psy/Changeling Series
Book 1: Slave to Sensation
Book 2: Visions of Heat
Book 3: Caressed by Ice
Book 4: Mine to Possess
Book 5: Hostage to Pleasure
Book 6: Branded by Fire
Book 7: Blaze of Memory
Book 8: Bonds of Justice
Book 9: Play of Passion
Book 10: Kiss of Snow
Book 11: Tangle of Need
Book 12: Heart of Obsidian

A Psy-Changeling Anthology
ISBN# 9780425255141
5 March 2013
Berkley Sensation
352 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Beat of Temptation

The young healer of the DarkRiver Leopard Changeling clan has known since childhood that Nathan is her mate, If only the sexy Sentinel would claim Tamsyn for his own.

Nathan has loved Tamsyn all her life. His parents’ marriage fails because they mated too soon, so he does not want that for Tamsyn.

Now Tamsyn is determined to use her sexuality to thwart Nathan’s self-control and to show him she is woman enough to be mated in deed as well as word.

Stroke of Enticement

Injured as a child in a horrific accident, Annie has always longed for a friend and lover who can see past her fragile humanity. After turning away her academic parents’ potential husbands, she has decided she would rather be single.

Zach is a Leopard Changeling who knows exactly what he wants. From the moment he meets his nephew’s teacher, he senses Annie is the woman who will be his mate.

Getting past the barriers of their different races, their personal hang-ups and Annie’s desire never to marry is a challenge for the two young lovers. In the end, animal attraction will triumph over all else.

Declaration of Courtship

Grace is one of the most submissive wolves in the SnowDancer pack. When an alpha makes his interest clear, she is both excited and terrified at the prospect of belonging to such a mate.

A SnowDancer lieutenant, Cooper has always been drawn to shy, sweet Grace. He can only hope the wolf inside her realizes just how much his dominant side longs to love and protect her.

When a fierce storm threatens their den, Grace is cut off from contact with the pack. Cooper will have to set aside his desire to be strong in order to show the woman he loves that he can also be the vulnerable lover she needs.

Texture of Intimacy

As a SnowDancer healer, Lara knows it takes time for wounds to heal. She is willing to use her healer’s sense of empathy to help her new mate heal emotionally.

Walker is a Psy, a psychically gifted man used to keeping his silence. In order to love Lara as a mate should, he will have to learn to trust her with his fledgling emotions.

As Lara and Walker explore the mating bond that binds them together, both will need to make concessions. It takes just as much communication as it does love to keep a family together forever.

Wild Invitation is a delightful compilation of short stories set in Ms. Singh’s Psy-Changeling world. It is the perfect introduction to the full and vibrant world that provides the backdrop for this paranormal series. If you enjoy paranormal romance involving hot alpha shifters, you will want to check this one out.

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