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ISBN: 978-1-4201-0865-1
November 2009
Kensington Zebra Books
320 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Ella is an orphan who has been all but sold to give charm classes to the “raised by wolves” heir to an old English family. When she starts to care for her charge, she worries about her heart. As danger unfolds, she must also worry about her life while hiding her own secrets.

Leo Roberts raised himself with the help of a friend in the jungle. When he is finally discovered, he lets his family know how little he thinks of them. With his tutor however, the wall of protection crumbles and he starts to care for Ella, not knowing he is placing her in further danger.

With themselves and their few friends threatened with increasing danger, Ella and Leo must learn to trust completely while discovering who tried to kill them as children, and who is trying now.

I loved Ella’s spirit. Even though she grieves for the life she can’t have, this is a chance for happiness, fleeting though it may be. Leo has suffered so much that it is understandable that society views him as “off”. The supporting characters are interesting, and the villains truly rotten. The setting is bucolic and I could envision the grounds wonderfully. The ending is not one readers will expect and comes as a shock. The paranormal elements allowed for the changes in plot line and gave the story an interesting twist. The paranormal aspects also wrapped up the sub plots well. The sex is wonderfully lovely and steamy, if not a major part of the story. It was perfect for the romance and built up to well-Yummy. Wild Heart is excellent, a real keeper!

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