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Elemental Assassin

Book 1: Spider’s Bite
Book 2: Web of Lies
Book 3: Venom
Book 4: Tangled Threads
Book 5: Spider’s Revenge
Book 6: By A Thread
Book 7: Widow’s Web
Book 8: Deadly Sting
Kiss of Venom, E-Book 8.5 (novella)
Book 9: Heart of Venom

Elemental Assassins Book 7
ISBN # (13) 9781451651775
August 21, 2012
Pocket Books
400 Pages
Contemporary Suspense Paranormal Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

The assassin known as the Spider is having quite the busy retirement. It seems that retiring has only left Gin Blanco with a longer list of people on her kill or be killed list. Still, she is happy to be alive and well in Ashland. With her barbeque joint, the Pork Pit, to run and her lover, Owen Grayson, she has plenty to keep her busy.

Gin is no stranger to people from the past popping up in awkward places, but when her lover’s ex breezes into Ashland things get a little tense. Salina is gorgeous, dangerous, and crazy as hell. Not only that, but she is nursing a grudge from her past that will threaten everything Gin holds dear. Once again Gin’s assassin skills will come in handy, but the deeper she goes the more she realizes that Owen is hiding a list of things she never suspected.

It will take all of Gin’s considerable magic, and the cunning of the Spider to outmaneuver Salina in her game of revenge. Ashland’s dark underworld plays for keeps in a game where nobody is what they seem and her enemies deserve more trust than her allies. In the end, she will once again be thrust into a game of last thug standing where victory is only a bittersweet version of defeat. Being capable of making the hard choices never wins any popularity contests.

Though this book is part of Estep’s Elemental Assassin’s series, it can be read solo. However, I would highly recommend picking up the rest of this fast paced and well written series. Gin Blanco is a sexy, sassy woman who makes a loveably flawed character that readers will love. The complex relationships between Gin and her supporting cast hint at a full and vibrant history that begs to be read.

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