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ISBN#: 9781448669264
August 2009
Romance Unbound Publishing
100 Pages
GBLT/ Contemporary Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Reese Armstrong is used to dealing with players like himself. When his sometimes lover, Hank, points out a different target for their hedonistic bet, he knows this time it will be different.

Jeff Hartman noticed Reese the first day he started working in the same office. There was something about the man that screamed not to trust him, but he figures since he is what the office calls “the geek,” he was not even on the sexy man’s radar.

Reese goes out of his way to persuade Jeff that he does find him attractive and does want him in bed. Jeff's mistrust slowly dwindles and he begins to hope that maybe this time the lust that is growing between them will turn to something real. Reese realizes as he continues to see the other man that what began as something conniving and scheming has become much more. Now he can only hope that Jeff will never find out what Reese has done in his past, to both Jeff and the other people that Hank and he had targeted for their own cruel gratification.

Wicked Hearts is a tale that I could not put down. From the first page, Ms. Thompson kept me engrossed in this novel. The struggle that Reese has with his morality when faced with Jeff’s pure goodness as well as Hank’s pure wickedness brought forth conflicting events that were intense and mind-boggling. I could not help but both love and hate how Reese was, as he struggled with who he was and who he wanted to become. An outstandingly gratifying tale that will leave you breathless and aching for more from this wonderfully talented author!

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