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Book 1 in the Harvester Series/Book 1 of the Onic Empire
ISBN-13: 978-0-7582-3533-6, 10: 0-7582-3533-X
August 2009
Aphrodisia, Kensington Publishing Corporation
Trade Paperback
329 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Having achieved his goal of becoming the Harvester, Chur Zenge is beginning to wonder if the years of total focus and dedication were really worth it. Never would he have imagined becoming disillusioned, but by this third season as Harvester that is exactly what is happening.

The role of paratanist is deceivingly simple and infinitely complicated for Enovese. She is in complete servitude to the Harvester, but fulfilling her duties for Chur is a labor of love.

Chur never thought of his paratanist as anything other than a servant, not even really knowing or caring if they were male or female until this season’s Harvest. His paratanist placed herself among the virgins, and Chur is stunned speechless. Enovese made a vow that she would not die a virgin, and there is no one other than Chur that she wants to fulfill her desires. As the shock and fury wear off, and their passion builds, Chur and Enovese become entangled in a relationship that will shake the very foundation of everything they know and believe.

Wicked Harvest is a stunning start to a series rife with passion, pain, and power. Chur’s character is full of the bravado and gusto you would expect of any man in his position, but his dignity and honor quickly outshine his baser instincts. As the brains behind the brawn, Enovese fulfills her role to perfection, but thinking she can outsmart Chur backfires spectacularly. They play off of each other’s strengths and weaknesses with a vibrancy that goes well beyond the bedroom.

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