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ISBN# 1-58608-951-x
May 2006
New Concepts Publishing
197 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Anthology
Rating: 3 Cups

Taming the Tiger

Raine, a Succubus and member of the Wakened Veils, has defended women in need for centuries. Sanjay, a weretiger, needs her to defend his son, accused of heinous crimes against one of the Veils. Persuaded by his arguments, Raine is drawn to him more than any male in her long life; Sanjay feels the same.

The Wakened Veils were founded to prevent innocent women being victimized by males. Could one of the Veils be using the organization for petty revenge?

This wonderful story is about two immortals and their struggles for justice. Raine’s character is both sympathetic and empathetic; Sanjay is one of the most charismatic characters I have read about in a long time.


Ambrosia is singer and lead guitarist for the band, Maven, agents for the Talhari and killers of rogue vampires. Maven is undercover to eliminate vampires in the band Forsaken. Ambrosia is assigned to Umberto, a three hundred year old vampire and Forsaken’s lead singer. The more she gets to know him, the less she believes he is evil. The Talhari must be mistaken. Umberto wants to make Ambi his forever, but first he must show her the real Talhari.

Changing ordinary humans to superhuman, Talhari were founded years ago to protect the world from rogue vampires. Talhari now says all vampires are evil and must be destroyed. Ambi must decide if they are right.

I loved Umberto, very dark and sexy; Ambrosia, though a little naive, had a lot of guts. The setting and premise of vampires in a rock band works really well. This story has it all: action, suspense and romance.


Edris and Enrique live in parallel worlds and have met in dreams since they were small children. In this way, Enrique witnessed Edie’s mother Carma entering the portal to his world. A series of misfortunes leads Edris into Enrique’s world, where they must stop a heinous crime.

The world parallel to our own is more advanced technologically, but has problems with corruption, among other things. Someone is using the portal between the two worlds for evil. Edris is determined to stop this, save her sister, and find her mother.

The concept of a parallel world to our own is interesting. Enrique and Edris are compelling characters, but their reasons for coming together are a little shaky at times. Edris’ sister seems to be a total screw up and her best friend could have been a little more clearly drawn, but this is an enjoyable story.

Pleasure Principle

Arlinda, boutique owner and designer, has low self-esteem and rarely lets anyone see her real self. Her landlord Sam is drawn to her, but has been warned to take things slowly. Arlinda likes to deal with people on a superficial level, but Sam wants much more.

Arlinda wishes for a lasting relationship and is drawn to her sexy landlord during preparations for a charity fashion show.

This story shows a woman isolating herself to avoid pain, and a man trying to get to know the real woman. The author makes too much of the interracial angle; all the main characters have issues with this, but the story and the characters stand well enough without them. I feel I missed part of the story with two minor characters, but overall I enjoyed the story.

This is a good collection of paranormal stories. I particularly enjoyed the first two. Weretigers and Succubae together are an unusual concept and the idea of vampires in a rock band seems strangely logical. The other stories are also well worth reading.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books