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ISBN# 9781419924262
May 2010
Cerridwen Press
150 Pages
Young Adult, Paranormal
Ratings: 5 Cups

Zara Norland is surrounded with secrets. She has a huge one that is about to come true once she turns sixteen; one she must not allow others to know.

Megan O’Shaughnessy and Zara are such great friends, they are almost joined to the hip. There is nothing she would not do for Zara, until Lance steps into the picture.

Zara has a confident in Meg, who helps her survive being a teenager. One could say Zara relies very much on Meg. She trusts Meg enough to tell her about the secret and to keep it safe. Zara has never even mentioned the change that will happen to her when she turns sixteen to Nonny, the person who raised her. When the day of her sixteenth birthday arrives, Zara is stunned by the powerful event, and more so by the person whom she meets in Lance Donovan. Never desiring to be with the opposite sex, Lance has a way to change her mind. He could be her fairy godmother or her worst enemy. When it comes down to trust, will Meg or Lance be her true ally?

Wicked Cool is a great young adult supernatural read. When Zara met the someone for the very first time, it gave me the shivers. I found this a strong story with bold characters that know how to keep the reader engaged. I enjoyed the way Diane Farr told the story. She shapes Zara into a normal teenager with the same desires as others, yet she has powers she must try to understand and accept. There were times I could feel empathy for Zara and the events she had to endure. Meg is a totally awesome great sister-friend. Well-developed characters, an intriguing storyline, and great creativity make this one rare jewel of a read.

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