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Wolf Creek Series

Book 1 - Full Moon Mating
Book 2 - Just a Taste of Me
Book 3 - Tasty Treats Volume 3: Man to Man
Book 4 - Blood Prince
Book 5 - Love Always, Promise
Book 6 - Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf
Book 7 - Pretty Baby
Book 8 - Blood Contract

Book 6 in the Wolf Creek Series
ISBN#: 1-60601-379-3
June 2010
Siren Publishing
162 Pages
Erotic Romance, Alternative (M/M or F/F), Menage a Trois/Quatre,Vampires/Werewolves
Rating: 5 Cups

Ben is a werewolf enforcer and works with Joe Nash, his best friend, in Wolf Creek. Ben figures he will never have a mate to love since most people are afraid of him because of his size and his scars. However, Ben is about to get the shock of his life!

Stephen dreams of escaping his stepbrother, Oliver, and is terrified of the upcoming mating ceremony to Oliver’s best friend, Dane, who is cruel and sadistic. He cannot imagine being mated to such a man. Because of his size, Stephen has no chance of protecting himself from Dane’s cruelties. His best friend is Audley, Dane’s younger brother.

Audley is the younger brother of Dane, and Stephen’s best friend. He also happens to be Ben’s other mate, much to both Stephen’s and Ben’s surprise.

Ben would rather be anywhere than at a mate gathering viewing others finding their mates when he knows he never will. Still, his alpha has required that he be there and so there is where is he is. When a small movement, some ragged brown fabric, and finally a beautiful pair of sky-blue eyes catches his attention, Ben cannot help but move forward. When the man owning the eyes smiles at him, it is like the sun coming out. For once in his life there is someone who is not afraid of him because of his size and scars. However, when the little man’s countenance suddenly shows fear, Ben thinks he has miscalculated, until he notices it is not him the man is staring at but someone behind him. He finds himself claiming the man called Stephen to protect him from the very man Stephen is terrified of, his stepbrother, Oliver. While Stephen is ecstatic that the big werewolf has claimed him and Oliver can never get to him again, he is worried about his best friend Audley. Will Stephen be able to convince Ben to help him save Audley? What will he do when he discovers that he is not Ben’s only mate, that Audley is also Ben’s mate?

Wow! What a fantastic story! I knew I was going to love this one, but it was even better than I anticipated. Stephen and Audley are the perfect mates for lonely Ben who thought he would never have anyone. I thought it was totally apropos that Ms. Glenn gives him two mates instead of one because like the author, I agree that if anyone needs two people to love him, it is Ben. The storyline is extraordinary and very well crafted. Like all of Ms. Glenn’s books, the world building is par excellence. If you have never read a Stormy Glenn, I urge you to do so now, her books are well worth the cost and are wonderfully entertaining. I highly recommend this book and all the other books in the Wolf Creek series!

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