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ISBN#: (13)9780981956800
October 2009
The Story Plant
$7.99-US/ $9.99-CAN
368 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Gerry Rubato was on top of the world. It always seemed that no matter the hardship, he could overcome it because he had the love of his wife and daughter. Until two tragedies struck, and in a matter of months, these two horrific events would tear his world apart.

Ally Ritten is an employee at Eleanor Miller, Inc. along with Gerry. While she has never worked side by side with him, she knows of the tragedy that has left its mark on him. When they finally get the chance to work together, their friendship begins to build as Ally listens to his life.

When Gerry’s wife Maureen was seven months pregnant, their seventeen year old daughter Tanya ran away with her twenty year old boyfriend. When their son was only a few months old, Maureen suddenly died from a blood clot. Gerry is thrust into the world of being a single parent even as he continues to search for his runaway daughter. Out of nowhere, Ally enters his life and helps him cope with all he has lost. She just might be the new love he finds along the journey to discovering what life is like without the family he always had.

Michael Baron writes a story that is both enriching and heartbreaking. The story is about the struggles that Gerry faces as he juggles with an infant, work, being a widower, and a daughter who has runaway. When You Went Away is a very powerful tale full of laughter, tears, and romantic moments that keep you enthralled with the authors voice. Between the wonderful scenes of Gerry being a father, his journal entries to his missing daughter, and a look into his past, I think every reader will fall a little in love with both this outstanding author as well as this amazing character!

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