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ISBN: 978-0-553-59252-8
March 2011
Bantam Books/Random House Publishing Group
Trade Paperback
$15.00 US/$17.00 CAN
Rating: 4 Cups

Sydney and Lainey were friends from a young age until high school when they had a falling out, parted ways and went their own paths in life. But now it is fast-forward into adulthood and they happen to cross each other’s path and what a journey they are in for.

Sydney needs to have Lainey take her daughter to keep her safe. Safe from what she says is a bitter and abusive ex-husband. Lainey soon finds herself on the run with "Molly" and the details that Sydney gives her soon unravels into a large mess; one that puts them all in danger.

The truth is hard to come by with Sydney and life with a mother who is agoraphobic, leaving Lainey unsure which way to turn and confused by the motherly protective feelings she has for Sydney’s daughter as well as a strange connection to Alex, a man who has helped her along the way. When will all this craziness end and who will survive the truth?

Where do you begin with this emotional roller coaster of a book? When We Were Friends packs an emotional punch where it is sometimes hard to choose sides between what is right and what is morally wrong. Author Elizabeth Joy Arnold has written a story that ropes you in from the get go and keeps you hanging on till the last page with a storyline so moving it is hard not to enjoy and embrace this book.

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