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Wylder Sisters Series
Book 1: When You Wish Upon a Duke
Book 2: When the Duchess Said Yes
Book 3: When the Duke Found Love

Wylder Sisters, Book 2
ISBN# (13)9780345527318/(13)9780345527325
25 September 2012
Ballantine Books
336 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Hawke has no interest in taking his place in proper English society as the Duke of Hawkesworth. So far, he has managed to avoid the lamentable duty by hiding in Naples. When he is forced by the confines of his father’s will to return to English soil and go through with his arranged marriage, he hopes to do the bare minimum, before returning to Italy permanently. Having seen what misery marriage has brought to his parents, he knows he would be better off remaining a bachelor forever.

Lady Elizabeth Wylder is tired of waiting for her Duke to come and “claim” her. She is eager to begin her life, though she is secretly afraid she will never be able to conform to the mold of what a proper Duchess should be. Raised away from London society, in the Dorset countryside, Lizzie is full of fun, frivolity, and passion. When she finally meets Hawke for the first time, she is secretly thrilled with his unorthodox views.

There is no denying that Hawke and Lizzie have instant chemistry. What remains to be seen is whether or not it is a fast burning passion, or an enduring love. Hawke has never wanted to set aside his selfish pursuits in favor of another, but he has never met a woman who is his match in every conceivable way. In the end, he will have to convince Lizzie that he can be the Duke she needs him to be.

Readers will fall instantly in love with the irrepressible vitality and unconventional views of Hawke and Lizzie. Their desire to thwart all the trappings of society resonates across the ages and makes them convincingly real. This second book in Ms. Bradford’s new series can easily be read as a standalone. However, those familiar with the other Wylder sisters will enjoy their appearance in this story and the promise of a third book to come.

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