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Shadow Keepers Series

Book 1: When Blood Calls
Book 2: When Pleasure Rules
Book 3: When Wicked Craves
Book 4: When Passion Lies
Book 5: When Darkness Hungers
Book 6: When Temptation Burns

Shadow Keepers, Book 6
ISBN #: 9780345525673
August 2012
Bantam Books
Mass Market Paperback
$ 7.99
362 Pages
Paranormal Romance/Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Andy Tarrant is an investigative reporter. Though young, she is very good at her craft. The beautiful young woman is the daughter of a clergyman, and her mother died when she was very young.

Ryan Doyle is half demon and half human. He is a lot older than he looks and works for the Preternatural Enforcement Coalition trying to protect human and others from evil. He lost the love of his life many, many years ago. He seems tireless and emotionless, but that is only a front.

True evil is not limited to the paranormal, and Agent Doyle helps to minimize the impact on the human and other population. Andy has come face-to-face with evil and does not believe that just because a person is not human that they are any more or less evil than anyone else, but her family feels otherwise. A group of humans are killing those they consider less than human and Andy’s father and cousin belong to that vigilante fringe group. Doyle is charged with infiltrating the group and stopping them.

This is the second of the Shadow Keepers novels that I have read, and the books just keep getting better. Andy and Doyle’s chemistry is as incendiary as Doyle’s talent, and the plot is a rollercoaster ride of action, suspense, and romance. The feeling of impending danger grows throughout the novel leaving me on the edge of my seat. The romance between Doyle and Andy is tender with a hint of the forbidden, and the plot builds to a very satisfactory conclusion. The Shadow Keeper’s world is fully developed, and I cannot wait to see which character is next on the author’s agenda.

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