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Shadow Keepers Series

Book 1 - When Blood Calls
Book 2 - When Pleasure Rules
Book 3 - When Wicked Craves
Book 4 - When Passion Lies

Shadow Keepers, Book 4
ISBN: 9780345529635
June 2012
Bantam Books
Mass Market Paperback
320 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Caris is feared among the vampires and the weres. As a result of a kidnapping and subsequent torture, she is a hybrid. Her blood is acid and carries the plague. Her new condition makes her former lover and leader cast her out.

Tiberius is an ancient vampire and one of their leaders. He holds their safety above all else including Caris, the love of his life. Politics are more important to him than anything else.

Banished because of her dangerous hybrid status, Caris has been living apart from her former lover for almost twenty years. Tiberius still misses her, but chooses the greater good and keeps away. Now someone is trying to create more hybrids, so Tiberius must stop them to save the world from the plague. He needs Caris’s help, but will she be able to overlook his betrayal?

This is an engrossing novel with unique characters and an exciting plot. The complex relationship between Tiberius and Caris has me enthralled. I have really disliked Tiberius for much of the novel due to the way he treats Caris while admiring her for reinventing herself and surviving the physical and emotional blows her attack engendered. The plot is an emotional rollercoaster ride with some interesting twists and turns. The author has created an extraordinary world filled with unique characters and given the reader a story full of action, drama, romance and the paranormal.

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