Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN# 9781454302698
21 May 2013
Red Rose Publishing
107 Pages
Mainstream Contemporary Interracial/Multicultural Romance,
Rating: 5 Cups

Thinking her fortune lies in work, Cecilia Carlyle is content with the successful business life she has painfully made. Since there is always something wrong with the men she meets, she is determined to focus more and more on work and be content with her lonely weekends.

Rayford Browner is confident in his above average intellect and good looks. He runs into what has to be one of the most embarrassing moments of his life when getting what is supposed to be a very easy homeopathic procedure. He may never live that night down, but he will not underestimate the beauty who is behind it all–Cecilia.

Having faced her handful of trials, Cecilia does not think she discriminates. She feels the pain and rejection she has gone through growing up. Rayford clearly points out what Cecilia has failed to see most of her life. She has to face the rejection she has encountered in Rayford…all bundled up in one breathtaking man! Cecilia has to overcome and grow to keep up with him as he assists her with patience, class and a regal manner all his own.

Wanting something to make my toes curl, this book fits the criteria perfectly. It is one sizzle and curl after another. I like the back and forth that Rayford and Cecilia have as they challenge each other to be more than what meets the eye. Seeing their strength in overcoming barriers makes this novel refreshing and quite naughty. Many times, you read where men have most of the issues and women are waiting on them to grow up. This novel is able to stir up things yet give a look not commonly seen over the decades. It is definitely enough to make you feel you have gotten erotic romance in a spicy plot that can make you smile, wince and question what is next. This book gets five cups because after I put it down, I am still smiling.

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