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ISBN- 9780758234599
July 2009
Kensington Publishing Corp.
Trade Paperback
$12.95 US/ $15.45 CAN
320 pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Dr. Ann Fallon is a scientist with an equine background. She is at the American Genetics Society meeting to give a presentation on the wild horse of the Sierra Nevadas. Dr. Fallon is also a shapeshifter, a unicorn, to be exact.

Kai Atlanta is a San Diego police officer. He is also Chiron, a centaur. He is looking for the person or persons who killed a woman he loved. This search has lead him to the American Genetics Society gathering and Dr. Fallon.

There is a predator on the loose at the genetics meeting. He is a Harvard faculty member and he wants Dr. Fallon. It is up to Ann and Kai to find the vials containing the pheremones used to seduce the members of Dr. Fallon’s family which resulted in their deaths. By helping the doctor with her problem, Kai may find the answer he has been searching for.

This story takes paranormal and kicks it up a notch. There are many books about shapeshifters out there, but one about a unicorn and a centaur really piqued my interest. The mystery and intrigue mixed with the hot, steamy sex to form a tale to set your blood pounding. There is no limit to Ms. Betts' imagination as she carries the reader on an adventure involving mythical creatures set in current day San Diego. This is an interesting and fun read. I highly recommend adding this book to your shelf.

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