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ISBN# 9780062231291
26 February 2013
Avon Books
384 Pages
Historical Fiction
Rating: 5 Cups

When a lady awakes in bed with a strange man, what else is there to do but bash him over the head with a chamber pot and make her escape? The widow Lady Georgette Thorold has had enough of men, brandy and especially marriage. She wishes only to return to her cousin’s rented house in the remote Scottish countryside and await a coach to take her back to London and civilization. But a quick glance at her finger leaves her wondering if she could have possibly married a stranger.

James MacKenzie is not certain if it is the hangover or the chamber pot that has left his memory so spotty. Regardless, when he wakes up minus his money pouch, he knows he must discover if the beautiful lady fleeing his room is his wife, a thief or both. He has spent far too long repairing his reputation in the tiny village of Moraig to throw it all away on a woman, no matter that he responds to her as his body and soul have never responded to another.

Georgette is in trouble, and not just because she seems to have married a stranger. As she and James blunder about Moraig trying to uncover the previous night, Georgette realizes she is in far more trouble than she thinks. Someone wants to marry her and her fortune very badly, even if it means making her a widow for a second time. It may just be that her drunken decision to tie herself to James MacKenzie is the best move she has ever made.

Ms. McQuiston writes with a singular sense of humor that weaves a tale readers will not want to put down. The sparks that fly between Georgette and James are seductive at times and hilarious at others. There is nothing quite like a love story where our hero gets knocked unconscious by the girl of his dreams and still manages to save the day. I cannot wait for Ms. McQuiston’s next book!

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