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ISBN#: 9781466314993/9780062084798
February 2012
William Morrow/Harper Collins
352 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Hannah Benson, as a teenager, escaped a life of abuse the only way she could, by running away and never looking back. She rebuilt her life with her secret hidden; she learned to lock it away. But when a phone call from the sheriff of her home town about her mother’s death, takes her by surprise, she finds that she must return to the place she swore she would never go back to.

Grady Steadman is now the sheriff of the small town he grew up in. Unfortunately calling Hannah with the news about her mother and sister and a niece she never knew was not the way he wanted to talk to and see her. He does not know why she fled years before. He loved her but could not understand why she ran away. He and many others had believed her dead.

Hannah has no choice but to face her past demons to do right by her niece. They are strangers to each other, but are the only family left. Grady promises to help her along the way, but he feels she is hiding something. He needs to convince her to trust him again.

What Happened to Hannah is a very intense read, one that broaches subjects that used to be and are sometimes still hidden behind closed doors resulting in much heartache. But Hannah and Grady, and the teenagers tackle the issues they each have with uncertainty of the outcome, but face them none the less. I loved the complexity of the characters and the way they tell their story makes for a very riveting book. I certainly look forward to reading more from Mary Kay McComas.

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