Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: (13)9780373831982
November 2010
Harlequin / Kimari Press
Paperback / Trade Paperback
149 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Working as a paid escort is not something that Lena Morrison ever thought she would do, but the cost of her grandfather’s health care was more than her job as a college grants writer could handle. She did however make one huge rookie mistake by getting sexually involved with a client, and the humiliation has been enough to keep her in line ever since.

With his money, intelligence, and looks, Roderick Brand has little trouble in finding female companionship, but disentangling himself from them afterwards gets old fast. His good friend Zandra finally convinces him to use her escort service, and she knows the perfect woman for the job.

The fancy parties, elegant clothes, and stimulating conversation more than makes up for Lena’s discomfort with her job, and this particular client far exceeds all of her expectations. The man himself is a beautifully dark Adonis, all hard muscle and killer smile, and it is everything Lena can do to appear unaffected and intelligent in the face of such masculine perfection. Roderick takes one look at Lena, and is hooked. Not only by her appearance, but her overall knowledge of business, and the way she warms up one of his toughest clients. He wants her by his side for more than one night, and quickly takes measures to make that happen, but being a shark in business does not always work out quite as well on the personal level.

Beautiful people, lots of luxury, and some seriously hot and sweaty love scenes make for a very steamy read. There is just one thing missing in my opinion, and that is respect, for each other as well as for oneself. Lena’s character is a lovely person inside and out, but capitulating to Roderick weakens that image. I do however love their volatility, as it makes their relationship edgy and unpredictable.

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