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ISBN-13: 978-0-7582-3195-6, 10: 0-7582-3195-4
February 2010
Kensington Publishing Corporation
272 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Most people who know or know of Ellina Kostova just assume she is a strangely reclusive author. Very few know what lies beneath the exterior, and not even her family knows the actual manifestation of her demon half.

Centuries of fighting are finally nearing an end for Jude Anthony. One more job, and he will have everything he needs to make a break from the life he has led for an eternity.

Ellina should know it is a waste of her time and energy to argue with her brother Maksim. When the demon makes up his mind, nothing is going to change it, but it feels ridiculous to think she needs a bodyguard. The break-ins and missing research have never felt terribly threatening, but Maksim is not to be dissuaded. Jude walks into Ellina‘s home, and just as quickly wants to run the other direction, knowing in his gut that this is one woman who is going to shred every ounce of his composure. Ellina’s heart breaks a little more with the way her traitorous body reacts to arousal, and no one has ever tested her control like Jude does with barely a touch.

Fans of paranormals are going to love the diversity of characters in this delightful read. Jude is an interesting combination of werewolf and vampire, but I felt that this was never fully developed as part of his personality, or integrated into the storyline. I admit I really want to feel and see his non-human side play a much greater role, not only as a warrior, but also as Ellina’s lover. However, they are a fantastic couple, and Kathy Love is a fascinating storyteller whose characters and plotlines captivate the senses.

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