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ISBN# 978-0-9820946-2-4
September 1, 2009
Charles River Press
PO Box 1122, Mansfield, MA. 02048
Trade Paperback
314 pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Officer Seamus Sullivan is New York’s lone werewolf policeman, who is experiencing the pros and cons of being a werewolf. He is trying to control his anger, especially when his Irish temper comes out.

Claudia Peña has a chubby, lazy cat named Misha and lots of dreams about a certain werewolf. Not only is she able to view the werewolf’s every move but it is interrupting her sleep.

Seamus has never forgotten the night he was bitten, nor the icy blue eyes and pair of fangs, as his chest was being ripped into shreds. He has been assigned to solo nightshift park duty. One thing he hates is bullies; they have a way of springing forth his Irish temper. Lately, he has been seeing more of a Phantom Woman that seems to be shadowing him. After accidentally bumping into a woman riding a horse, he discovers she is Phantom Woman. Claudia realizes Seamus is the one that has been interrupting her sleep, but the moment the two get to know more about the other, the desire is strong. There has to be a reason they met. Seamus wants to know Claudia better but when he tries to get closer, it appears things begin to spiral out of control.

Werewolf Dreams is an interesting read. It had a different sort of storyline that I had never read which was nice. The characters were endearing and connected with this reader. Claudia and Seamus are both likable players. I enjoyed the way they met and the routine with the questions and answers. M.M. Anderson cleverly incorporates characters with deep feelings that do not go away with Claudia and Seamus. The secondary players help to instill a flowing read that kept this reader anxious to the future for Claudia and Seamus.

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