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Were Trilogy

Book 1: Were Love Found Her
Book 2: Were She Belongs
Book 3: Were Love Conquers All

ISBN #: 1-61034-326-3
February 2011
245 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance/Ménage
Rating: 4 Cups

Toni is an artist who paints on wineglasses. Until her business takes off, the voluptuous blonde works as a bartender. She does not have much time for a social life, but is very attracted to her bosses.

Troy and Jacob Crimson own the club Valeries and are the alpha’s of the Crimson Pack. They are wealthy and sophisticated and very much on the prowl. Jacob is the more serious and business minded while Troy is a bit more fun loving, but both are very dominant wolves.

Brad and Luke own Finnegan’s where Toni works and are the Alphas of the Kellmore Pack. They are a bit rough around the edges with their motorcycles and tattoos, but are every bit as dominant and sexy as Troy and Jacob.

After she helped save her bosses from attacking wolves and discovered the existence of creatures she thought only lived in books, Toni has developed some interesting powers. A girl’s night out with one of Finnegan’s patrons lands her in the middle of another attempted assassination of pack alphas and she is taken prisoner by the Crimsons, only to find that she is their mate. A complication ensues when she is made aware that she is the Kellmore’s mate also. How is she to hold her own among four dominant werewolves and help keep all of them safe from someone who wants her and wants to destroy the wolves and their way of life?

Ms. Dwyer has a winner of a story here. Toni is a bit innocent in the beginning, but strong enough in character to take on all four wolves and not lose herself in the process. The men themselves seem to blend together at times making things a bit confusing, but that is a minor issue. The plot is very exciting and well thought out tying into, but standing well alone from the previous story. The next one should be even more exciting.

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