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ISBN-10: 1449900879/ 13: 9781449900878
May 2, 2010
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Paperback, Ebook
$15.99, $5.99
378 Pages
YA Paranormal Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

Laylah Le Croix has had all the best of things in her young life. Living in a mansion, protected from almost all outside influence, she has been given all of the finer things. However, she was denied for reasons she is never sure of, the most basic of need--love. When her dreams begin to be haunted by the faceless stranger, she longs for more than her gilded cage.

Donil Silentshadow is the alpha of his family. Protecting others is what his entire life has been about. When faced with the sweetly innocent but inwardly spunky Laylah, he seeks to save her. And he takes over her dreams to steal what moments her family does not dictate and to feel the touch of her skin…

When she is kidnapped and a fight that has raged for years breaks out, it is up to Donil to protect Laylah from a world that she knows exists but she thinks she is not part of. Laylah is driven to make a choice: follow the rules that have protected her from feeling anything, or break them all and learn who she really is.

A slightly confusing and slow start, this story swirls the reader into a world full of maneuvering alphas and revenge-seeking enemies. A bit complex for a young adult novel, however the plot does leave you attached to Laylah and hoping that she and Donil will work things out and that she will be strong enough to slay her dragons. However, in this reviewer’s opinion, it is somewhat less than satisfying that there is no real resolution; instead it drops frustratingly from a brilliant fight into the feeling that perhaps there is more to come in this story.

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