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Were Trilogy

Book 1: Were Love Found Her
Book 2: Were She Belongs
Book 3: Were Love Conquers All

Were Trilogy, Book 3
ISBN #: 1610346114
June 2011
Siren Books
249 Pages
Paranormal Romance/Ménage
Rating: 4 Cups

Charity is a princess and the Chosen One. She has hidden since the murder of her parents shortly after she was born. She is beautiful, kind, and protective and has many unusual powers.

The Venificus triplets are royalty and, in fact, are the Royal Alphas of the wolves. Maximus is the leader of the trio, and Dante and Luther are only slightly subordinate to him.

The Venificus brothers are angry to learn a rival security firm is rapidly taking business from them and doing a better job. They summon the owner of Caliber Security to their home for a meeting. Charity is the real owner and operator of Caliber, but her status as the Chosen One makes it difficult to make herself known, so she masquerades as an assistant. She still attracts the attention of the Venificus men who are, in fact, her mates. She is still being pursued by the evil Devlon, and he and his cronies are determined to take over all of the realms.

This is a gripping conclusion to an exciting trilogy. All of the players from the previous stories are a part of the story, but the focus is on Charity and her mates. The plot is an exciting one with some pretty great action scenes. The love scenes are equally intense, and the author has given the triplets very strong and distinctive personalities despite their identical status. This story brings everything to a head and, in turn, resolves all of the plot points of the other two parts of the trilogy.

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