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Cardwell Ranch Series
Book 1: Justice at Cardwell Ranch
Book 2: Cardwell Ranch Trespasser
Book 3: Christmas at Cardwell Ranch
Book 4: Rescue at Cardwell Ranch
Book 5: Wedding at Cardwell Ranch

Cardwell Ranch, Book 5
ISBN-13: 9780373697700
July 2014
Harlequin Intrigue
$5.50 US / $6.25 CAN
218 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

As cynical as he is about marriage, Jackson Cardwell knows his brother’s wedding will be a fantastic event, even if this trip is as much business as pleasure. Getting the deal finalized for a restaurant here in Montana is a must, especially since it looks like some his brothers are here to stay.

Keeping it together for her daughter Natalie is the only thing saving Allie Taylor from a complete meltdown. Since her husband’s death, strange things have been happening to her that she cannot explain; which is slowly driving her over the edge.

Organization and attention to detail are key components to being a good wedding planner, but lately Allie’s episodes of forgetfulness, as well as seeing things that cannot be there, are getting more frequent. Having Jackson witness what she thinks is a delusion feels like a miracle, especially when he confirms what she sees is real. Someone is out to hurt Allie, or at least discredit her ability to raise her daughter, and Jackson is prepared to pull out all of the stops to help her save her sanity, and maybe her life.

With a bitter divorce freshly behind him, it is no wonder Jackson is leery about his feelings for Allie. Despite this, however, he cannot stand by and see her hurt, which tells the reader a lot about his character. He and Allie have so much in common it is easy to believe they could bond so quickly. The momentum is this story just keeps building and building, until you are practically racing to find out how it is going to end.

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