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ISBN# 9781616504168
8 October 2012
Lyrical Press, Inc
293 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Arianna Hart is a middle-school teacher and civil war buff. One night, she meets Caleb by almost hitting him with her car, then having to give him a ride home. The sometime flashes of silver in his eyes, his courtly manners and his uncanny resemblance to the picture of a Union soldier point to secrets behind his golden-good looks. Those secrets may also keep them from happiness with each other.

Caleb DeCardian, a Colonel in the Union Army, has been transported to the present during a freak storm of ball lightening. The ball lightening seems to have something to do with his time travel. He has to adapt to this century and find Seth, who cursed him to live as a werewolf. Caleb does not even think of romance or sharing his secrets, but being nearly hit by Arianna’s car has him questioning both decisions now.

Caleb spends three years looking for Seth, until it is Seth who finds and taunts him with mutilated corpses. Seth has to be found–he is the one responsible for the curse, and Caleb also has to find a way back to his time. Arianna wonders if the love growing between them is enough to keep him in her century. And through it all, there is the mystery of the ball lightening…what is it for?

I have enjoyed reading this story. It is intriguing and has the bonus of being entertaining. If time travel coupled with a werewolf curse is fascinating, adding the mystery of the ball lightening gives the story extra twists. Things are not over done or over contrived. The story and relationships open up easily while reading. The smooth pace makes it possible to get into the story and savor reading it more than once

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