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ISBN# 9781927454435
July 2013
Champagne Books
222 Pages
Thriller Action-Adventure
Rating: 4 Cups

Dr. Jennifer Ferguson has Navy Seal training and is in charge of a funded shark institution. Once she hears about a shark attack, she cannot wait to get to Malibu and put her equipment to use to investigate the shark.

Slade Kane runs a surfer shop in Malibu and does pretty well. Brody is one of his customers who hangs around his shop. Slade is saddened to hear of his death.

When renaissance surfer, Brody Conner, is killed by a shark, everyone who knows him is shocked. Slade is stunned. Brody wants to go in business with Slade, and expand Slade's shop. Now to hear he is dead, and by a shark, is unbelievable. After Jennifer arrives and digs into the death of Brody and the shark attack, Slade is not so sure about how she conducts her business. Then frenzy breaks out with the paparazzi as the two investigate the attack. Something does not sit right, and it will take them working together to uncover the truth behind the attack, especially when more attacks occur. Jennifer has to get data from Slade to try to understand these attacks, but once things piece together, nothing is as it appears.

Waxing Deadly has a cast of characters sure to please, with shark attacks to cause readers to hold tightly until the end. There are unexpected twists and turns within the storyline and with the characters. The scenery and atmosphere indeed are visual, allowing the reader to share in with all the events transpiring. Mr. Pero tells a story where secondary characters often do act in the same way in today's world, when it comes to the paparazzi and surrounding moments. There is a mixture of suspense and awe as the story unfolds, keeping this reader engaged throughout.

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