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The Warrior Series

Book 1: Warrior’s Redemption
Book 2: Warrior’s Last Gift
Book 3: Warrior Reborn

The Warrior Series, Book 1
ISBN#: 9781451640878
January 2012
Pocket Star Books
372 Pages
Time Travel, Highlander Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

As much as she loves and admires her Aunt Jean, Danielle Dearmon would never give up believing in Fairies no matter how much her aunt protested the childish fantasy. Dani’s belief in them has never wavered, and she feels strongly that her life is inexplicably linked to them.

The guilt of not protecting his wife is one that lies heavily on Malcolm MacDowylt’s shoulders, and now Isabella’s mother has come to seek answers to her daughter’s death. Answers he does not have, and at a time when Malcolm is already buried under the threat of war with his vicious half brother Torquil.

Fifteen years of hoping and praying, and now that the time has arrived no one could be more in shock than Dani herself. Flung seven hundred years into the past turns out to be the least of her troubles however, as Dani falls head over heels for a man intent on getting himself killed in a family feud. Malcolm needs to free his younger sister from the hands of Torquil, but an all out war will very likely crush his already struggling clan. He cannot bear one more woman being put at risk because of him, but the Magic folk have their own agenda, and it seems he is but a pawn in their game.

The pairing of a hunky and hearty Highlander man and a modern day (not quite damsel in distress) woman makes for quite an intriguing match. Dani’s character does possess a gustiness you would expect from a contemporary woman, but I found myself hoping for either more humor or more ingenuity from her. Malcolm on the other hand is much more progressive than I would expect of a man of his time, but his honor and humility make him very appealing. I eagerly anticipate book two in this series, as it will most definitely continue a tale that has only just begun, and will hopefully include Malcolm’s very sexy and very unsuspecting younger brother.

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