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ISBN: unavailable
April 2009
Mystic Moon Press
189 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

It has been a year since Brittany Thomas was pulled from the twisted and sickening Hell Victor devised especially for her. The filthy vile vampire is dead, but the torture he put Brittany through lives on in her nightmares and the almost phobic reaction she has to men.

The last twenty years have passed with little recognizable difference in Donovan Torgan’s life. His looks have barely changed, and he is no closer to finding out who he really is than when he escaped from the government lab.

Brittany used to be a happy, fun-loving person, but all of that changed under Victor’s hellish hands. The thought of any man touching her puts her in a state of near panic, except for Donovan. The man who pulled her from the darkness not only has the uncanny ability to calm her fears, but to ignite a passion she was certain she would never feel again. Donovan does not allow himself relationship with a woman, simply because he has no recollection of his past. With Brittany that is no longer possible, and having her in his life could be the best and worst thing for both of them.

Book II in the Darkness Trilogy is a dangerous and dizzying ride, rife with sexy vamps and sinister government agents. Brittany begins this story frightened to a near crippling capacity, and her panic is overwhelming. As the story progresses, she is able to reign in her fears and you get a real feel for her personality. Donovan is part man, part machine, and a true hero through and through. It is hard not to rush while reading this, but it is worth the patience. Knowing number three is on the way is definitely something to look forward to.

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