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Armadillo Series

Book 1: Leather Nights
Book 2: Undercover Nights
Book 3: Warrior Nights

Armadillo Nights, Book 3
ISBN: 978-1-61040-237-8
June 8, 2011
Torquere Press, Inc.
290 Pages
Gay Erotic Romance, Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

Broken and battered, Trace Martin tries to put his life back together after being tortured as a POW, but though his physical injuries have healed the best they can, the mental ones have not. As Trace slips further away from his darling twin sister, and their sweetly innocent younger sister, all he can think about is how he has failed his family.

As a martial arts instructor, Kyle Kincaid has found a purpose for his life once again. He loves teaching the kids in his classes, and tries very hard to forget the betrayal of every one he ever loved. It is hard having no one to lean on, and Kyle hopes to one day feel that kind of security again.

The nightmares are more than Trace can bear, and alcohol is the only reprieve he can find, but when his addiction nearly destroys his family, he finally realizes he needs help. With the worst of his rehab over, Trace is ready to take back his life, and at the forefront of his thoughts is his sister’s boss, Kyle. The two men have the Marines in common, but more than that is their explosive attraction for each other, and the sisterly love for Brodie and Emmie. When Brodie becomes the object of desire for a sick and sadistic killer, Trace and Kyle are there not only for her but for each other as well, but will it be enough?

The force of desire between Trace and Kyle is off the charts, and if you have never experienced a hot flash before, well, be prepared for about a dozen of them. Trace carries his scars like a badge of honor, and he never lets them stand in the way of his feelings for Kyle, or vice versa. These two men tear at your heart as easily as they ramp up your libido, and their passion is like liquid fire. I want so much to see this series continue, and eagerly await more from Ms. Logan.

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