Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: (10)1906931267 / (13) 978-1906931261
November 2010
Choc Lit
E-Book/Trade Paperback
336 Pages
Contemporary women's fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

Diane Jenner’s husband has been seriously hurt in a helicopter crash. She is sure there must be some mistake. But, the quiet simple world she lives in is now crumbling down around her. Secrets that stem from money have quickly come to light.

As the whole other world emerges, one Diane never even knew about, it brings with it money, greed, new family, deceit and betrayal. But this new world also brings strength, friendship, purpose, family and love.

Diane does not handle things the way her husband expects, instead, she forges through with her head held high. Her strength comes from the strangest sources. With all the changes to her family, can she also welcome the chance of a new love or is that just a part of the growing chaos that has become her life?

Want to Know A Secret? is just that; a story filled with secrets at every turn. So many that it is even shocking when another creeps out of the woodwork. I spent many pages wanting to throttle Diane’s husband and yet at other times felt sorry for him. I enjoyed the way Ms. Moorcroft made her characters so filled with flaws and very real! It truly makes for a great read in my book.

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