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ISBN# 978-0-312-38087-8
August 2010
Minotaur/St. Martin’s Press
340 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Gregor Demarikian is a former FBI agent, now retired. An expert on murder, he now consults with police departments. He is newly remarried and lives in the Armenian section of Philadelphia where he grew up.

Sheila Dunham could not have been a more likely target for murder. She is quite simply a horrible human being. She is the host of a popular reality show, America’s Next Superstar, which showcases her obnoxious behavior and belligerent personality.

America’s Next Superstar is being filmed in and around Philadelphia this season and the contestants are staying in Gregor’s new wife’s childhood home. At the tryouts, a potential contestant takes a shot at the host and her assistant asks Gregor for his help. Back in the neighborhood, the Very Old Ladies are suspicious of a woman who has been seen in and out of a neighbor’s apartment.

This is my first Gregor Demarkian mystery and I really enjoyed it. The mystery caught my interest from the beginning. The dialogue is intelligent and at times witty. The author has a large cast of characters and managed to make each one an individual with a short description. Both the main storyline and the subplot involving Gregor’s neighbor were well plotted. The references to Gregor’s new interest in Agatha Christie novels highlight the fact that he has found himself in the plot of one. The author cleverly leads the reader in many different directions until the surprisingly logical conclusion.

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