ISBN: 141990027-7
September 2004
Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Pages: 142

WANTED: KEPT WOMAN, by J.W. McKenna, in my humble opinion, is the best of
McKenna’s books at Ellora’s Cave.  It provides a fascinating interpretation of modern
dating with a great plot and wonderful love scenes.

In the story, Suzanne Montgomery has been recovering slowly from an abusive
marriage, and with her ex-husband in jail, she finally takes control of her life.  Changing
her appearance and attitude, Suzanne builds the nerve to answer a personal message
for a “kept woman” posted by Brian Armstrong.  Brian, a successful self made man, is
tired of women who either want to change him or who bend over backwards to please
him and his wallet.  Eventually his personal assistant points out that he needs a smart
intelligent woman who can be sexually submissive.  

This book is very exciting and well written.  Brian is a great hero; he is strong,
handsome and a dominant who respects women.  I loved that Brian could dominate
without ever humiliating Suzanne.  It was very interesting to watch Suzanne learn the
difference between submission and abuse, especially during sex.  

The interaction between Brian and Suzanne is excellent, and is enhanced by the
support characters, especially his assistant and her best friend, who is responsible for
helping Suzanne snap out of her doldrums.  This woman deserves a sequel.  The bad
guys are very bad, almost caricatures, with equally smarmy behavior and dialogue.  

WANTED: KEPT WOMAN, is a hot contemporary story dealing with a couple learning
what they need and working together to achieve it.  From the first chapter to the happy,
but not too sweet, ending the book was great and definitely a keeper.

Anya Khan
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance