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ISBN# (10): 1-935048-20-1 /(13): 978: 1-935048-20-6
September 2009
Class Act Books
120 Pages
Young Adult coming-of-age
Rating: 4 Cups

Lila Ford is an aspirant photographer. It has been a couple years since she discovered her talent for photography.

Pamela Mitchell has an enthusiasm for journalism. Through her non-fiction writing, she is a strong liberalist, who likes to try to change the world a bit at a time.

Jeannie Ann Dallas is still not certain what career choice she wants to pursue. She and her single mom have managed to get on with life, since her fathers death.

When the girls learn they are taking a vocation test, this does not sit too well with Pamela, who believes they can be self-destructive. Jeannie feels the worst about the outcome of the tests. While her friends are getting excited about their job opportunities, she wonders will she have any luck. When an opportunity arrives working as a waitress to Lila’s uncle’s restaurant, she eagerly accepts. Unfortunately, things shift when Jeannie sees Lila talking to the boy she likes, putting a rift in their relationship. After Lila’s uncle pushes his attentions on Jeannie, further complications arise. Will the girls be able to save their lasting friendship?

I have to admit when I first started reading this book, I thought it was going to be just another book about friends bonding, but it is far more than another connection of friends. The girls are absolutely wonderful, as if they live in the neighborhood and are close friends. This reader shared in their joy, their sorrow, as well as their eager anticipation to find that one certain thing that clicked for them. Heather Beck instills trials that are a part of anyone’s lives. I love how she sketches the girls so this reader could visualize each one. Vocations is a book of stirring emotions, relationships, trusting, and learning, to face obstacles in everyday life.

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