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ISBN# 9786107775331
November 1, 2012
Ravenous Romance
117 Pages
Gay Straight Lesbian Anal Sex
Rating: 4 Cups

Captain’s Boy
Nervous anticipation courses through Lieutenant Aaron Williams every time he enters the captain’s cabin.

The sea will suffer no fools, and neither will Captain Walter Griffith.

Learning under Ct. Griffith is an honor Aaron values beyond anything. Extending it to something more private and sacred makes his entire being glow with pride.

I love how Aaron accepts his captain’s request with such humility and respect. It makes their relationship that much hotter.

Paint the Night
In so many ways, Karen Wright has moved away from the strictures of her upbringing, but she is not quite ready for what her co-worker has in mind.

There is nothing to be gained from holding back, so Alyssa Sommers lays it all on the line.

A certain anonymity can be found when you are surrounded by thousands of people. Alyssa intends to use this to show Karen a night she will never forget.

This is what I call bringing in the New Year with a bang!

Old Dogs
With age, sometimes comes compromise, which is not always a bad thing.

Getting creative has never been a problem for Thomas, especially with his partner.

Having been together for decades, he and Thomas have enjoyed a wonderfully varied and erotic love life. However, this will be a first for them both.

This is what a real relationship is all about–love, cooperation and being unafraid to get innovative.

Doctor’s Orders
There has always been one boundary Emily has feared to cross. Now may be time to change that.

Kevin knows something is up with his wife, and it thrills him to no end.

Figuring out how to tell Kevin she wants this is harder than Emily thinks. Good thing he is already one step ahead.

Asking for what you want goes a long way towards getting it. And oh, what fun it is!

Tavern Temptations
A woman on her own has very few options. Ella makes the most of hers.

With tastes that run on the wilder side, Winston is very upfront about what he wants.

The skittering of fear only heightens the excitement for Ella. This is one man she will never forget.

No rest for the wicked, but with this much fun who wants to sleep anyway?

Second-Time Virgin
The day she meets Sophia, something inside shifts.

One day, she will see her again. Sophia is sure of it.

Women have never really been on her radar until Sophia comes into her life. Their love affair changes her world, and it is only going to get better.

Exploring new territory is how these two sexy women keep their love fresh.

Whose Room Is It?
Still living at home with his parents is bad enough for Anthony, without having to move out of his own room.

With no place to live and very few prospects, Mike accepts his new boss’s offer.

Anthony is livid about getting booted out of room, though he understands his parents’ need for the rent money. What he does not know is how his feelings for Mike are about to do a complete one-hundred-eighty turn about.

I guess it is true that you never know if you like it until you try it.

Double Play
This is one night they have talked about for quite a while, and Ava cannot wait to get started.

With nervous energy, Bryan prepares for the night ahead.

They have done all of the prep work and the night is finally here. The mood, the setting, everything is perfect. The only question is–who gets to go first?

This is all about changing things up and enjoying each other to the fullest.

Why I Love Her
There are so many things about his girlfriend that Ross adores, most especially her willingness to try just about anything.

Carly has no doubt that whatever her lover comes up with will be deliciously erotic.

Ross always makes it so great. Carly wants to do the same for him. She takes her time, and it is more than he can hope for.

It is amazing how a little bit of switching things up can change your whole perspective.

Dear Bryan
He does not miss home as much as he thought. In fact, Bryan is very much enjoying his stay in England.

Having the beautiful undergrad staying with him for the summer is a joy for Remmington Smythe.

Bryan is finding Remmy so attractive he can barely focus on his studies. Remmy is nothing like the boys back home. He is a man Bryan is going to have a very hard time leaving.

It seems like summer love is not just for teenage crushes.

From Past to Present
Aside from the occasional loneliness, Cassandra is very happy with her new job in Pompeii.

When Rachael catches the eye of the beautiful young woman working the area, she knows she cannot resist.

Not one to jump blindly into a new relationship, Cassandra tries to reign in her raging hormones. However Rachael is so sexy Cassandra’s restraint is short-lived. It is almost like they have known each other for centuries.

Powerful forces are at work brining Cassandra and Rachel together, and you will not want to miss a second.

If the title looks intriguing, the stories most definitely are. The subject of anal sex may be mostly thought of in connection with erotic gay stories, but this anthology turns that theory on its tail. Within these pages are wonderfully romantic, fun and yes, amazingly sexy scenarios of anal sex with all types of couples. So expand your horizons and try something new. You never know…you may just like it!

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